Satisfy your fashion taste.

Welcome to the Harajuku universe...

Harajuku is a district in the Shibuya district in Tokyo. The district is an important youth fashion center in Japan and many new trends arise in the many design shops that belong to the area. In the 1990s, Harajuku became known because of the many teenage bands that appeared Sunday after Sunday in extreme clothes and accessories. They lived out their own fashion sense.



What is good a fashion sense? Good fashion is not necessarily what's smart and popular. Good fashion sense is just as much to be true to yourself. Good style has a lot to do with self-esteem - what works for you? What cuts and colors are you wearing? And, most importantly, what size suits you? It is therefore important to build on the basic wardrobe and twist it so that it becomes your style. Exactly like in Harajuku!



A healthy every day is something everyone should do for themselves. Listen to your body and take its signals seriously. You are responsible for taking care of it, and you have a greater influence on your health than you think. Everyone does not have to live alike, but we have to create a balance that suits us and the life we want. The Greek doctor Hippocrates said back many years before Christ's birth: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." This message should we all take to heart.



Stress has become a trendy word nowadays. And that's a pity because it can be difficult to distinguish between busy, and then the state where one is sick of stress. When getting stress there usually been biochemical and physical changes in the brain and nerve system. This is a far more serious condition than the one we are in when we just chase around with our heads under the arm. The body passes a number of mechanisms where all clocks call for a warning until the body passes into a fatigue phase, where there is often a reduced ability to respond to stress factors. Remember to breath