The sunglasses of 2018

Do you already have your festival tickets? Or is the summer still very far away for you? Anyway, the sunglasses season is here, so prepare yourself. We will outline for you the most important sunglasses trends of 2018, so you are guaranteed to be hip this year!

Vintage vibes with a retro sunglasses

We saw them in 2017, but they remain the retro sunglasses. Frames inspired by the past but in a modern way. We see a lot of crazy combinations in the frames and glasses with a special nose bridge. It is precisely the combination of elements from the past and the present that provide a completely new look.

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Sporty Spice

Does not it make you crazy and do you prefer a more casual model? Then go for the sporty, Dynamic sunglasses! In the fashion world, we see more and more outfits with sporty color combinations such as red with white or yellow with blue. We also see these daring combinations in the eyewear: black, blue and burgundy glasses with dark or colored glasses. Give your sporty outfit an extra sparkle with sporty sunglasses from the Dynamic collection.

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The future is now!

Can not it be crazy enough for you and do you have enough of the retro glasses? Then you really stand out with the futuristic sunglasses trend. These sunglasses have an ultra-flat lens with reflective and / or colored lenses. 

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