Reka Jenei2018/03/08

Upcoming Spring Trends for 2018

As the weather gets better, the wind and rain fade away to annoy people on the other side of the world and we become more open to dressing up, being more outrageous, throwing on more colors, and pumping up the shine.

Which is exactly the thought-process behind designers’ creations for the Spring 2018 season; their collections spiced up with inappropriate see-through tops and skirts, plastic boots, and the notorious sock and sandal combo. And let’s not forget accessories, which are abundant and featured in the same must-have colors.

Trend Alert!

Colorful Contrast

The up-to-date colors for next season include either pastel, baby-inspired colors or extremely bold, strong shades. Whether soft pink, lemon, baby-blue, lilac, or another ice cream inspired shade, it’s essential to mix and match in unexpected ways. Combining materials and shapes pretty much always results in an alluring, stand-out outfit.

The bolder colors, perhaps more suitable for summer, have been showcased on the runways of New York and Paris. The work was in the details of the designs, everything made as bright and vibrant as possible, with bold shades included to suit every type of coloring.

Classic Patterns

Contrary to the history of patterns, checks are taking first place this Spring, rather than Autumn. Appearing on every accessory and clothing piece in the Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga shows, especially Burberry benefits from this movement with its red-beige checks being a design staple. We expect to see the design house’s check caps everywhere next season.

The Bag Situation

Have you noticed those people strolling around with 2 bags: a handy tote bag and a charming small (often designer) purse? It is a practical solution to carry all you need to work and still show up appearing super-stylish. That is how Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci dressed up their models on their catwalks, with 2 or sometimes even more bags.

Material Girls (and Guys)

Death By Sequins

Led by Donatella Versace and Marc Jacobs, we enter a universe of dazzle this March. You are going to slay with sequin dresses, pants, simple shirts and even shoes (!?).  Yes, that is correct. Sequined Cinderella-esque shoes inspired by Harper Beckham are on the market, waiting for determined everyday fashionistas (like you or me) to wear them WITH socks... Again, HOW? Yes girls, these shoes have slightly high, very stable heels, which makes them perfect for a casual look. And yes, again, these are meant to be worn with colorful socks to attract attention to your beautiful ankles - just ask the master of this trend, Miu Miu.

Keep It Sheer

Transparency is next season’s extravaganza, as forecasted by Dior. Sheer coats, dresses, skirts, and more are conquering the shelves at our favorite stores. It is all about what you’re hiding underneath.

Plastic Fantastic

Perfect for a very British summer, plastic-wear is making a comeback. Straight from the studios of Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Fendi, it’s just a matter of time before we are introduced to plastic in every shape and form.