Minimalistic Design

A minimalistic and simple watch by Nordgreen

The minimalist design weakens us so naturally that we rarely give it an extra thought. What does the style really define? The style has characterized the Danish homes for many years and is still hugely popular. In Scandinavia, they are known for a minimalist style, which has undergone a major development since the flow emerged in the 1960s. In fact, they have not only embraced minimalism in the décor. We also encounter this style in the technology and the fashion industry. For example, are our phones very technical but at the same time, they also have an elegant and simple design - the same goes for our furniture, which must be functional and simple at the same time. Minimalism, of course, has specific characteristics, but it also enables you to adapt to the trends of the day and can easily be combined with your own personal style. Everyone from big to the small business makes use of fashion trend. Apple's iPhone is a good example of a simplistic design. Also smaller design manufacturers such as Nordgreen and Koizumi make use of this expression.