On a winter night in Miami below the 60°, or during a breezy summer if you happen to live up north, the city is the main attraction of the world. A perfect climate where the leather jackets got out of the closet and the mini skirts stayed on. It was the beginning of December and the opening of Art Basel, Miami Beach.

To honor this celebration, Nikki Beach hosted a fashion show inviting We Love Colors, Only One and Ombu Shoes to show their collection. The three brands infused themselves under the direction of Wasabi Fashion KultWe Love Colors, a Miami based company, offering more than 50 colors in legwear and nylon dance accessories brought the colors, the spirit and the fun. Only One introduced its signature t-shirt with an abstract graphic print, shirt which percentage of sales will be donated to The World’s Kitchen foundation. And Ombu Shoes, (a Miami based company as well) dressed the feet with its basic slip-on shoes made with recycled leather sporting beach tones and patterned prints.

WFK combined the spirited brands under Kanpai, (celebration in Japanese) to celebrate life. Color warrior princesses overruled the runway with cut-off shirts (works of Gabriel Gaviria and a pair of scissors), striped stockings, metallic shoes and dramatic dread-do-s by Nue Studio. Clubbing-like or music festival-like outfits invited the crowd to dance, enjoy the music and shred the black off just for once.

The leather jacket can stay, but the colors must be worn in your heart. And that’s for any type of climate.